Friday, July 17, 2009


This is an experiment. I want to record my poems as read by me. I found I could do this using a combination of GarageBand and IPhoto to create a podcast then a video. This first one is a bit rough, but I wanted to see if I could upload it. Facebook didn't let me (technical thing). So I will try here.

The poem is an acrostic I wrote in 2003, when my daughter went to Iraq. The first letters of the lines spell Ashes and Dust. The title is "Cain & Abel & Ishmael & Isaac & Esau & Jacob & Today". Those of you familiar with the Old Testament of the Bible may understand how those combinations of names is related to our current conflicts in today's world.

The photos accompanying the poem were taken by my daughter in Iraq 2003. I didn't try to line them up with the poem this time. The poem is in my collection, Me Myself and Eye: Poems of Age (2003-2009)

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