Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dog Days

A while ago I went to the shelter.
They were lined in cages, the lost and abused.
Watching people come, people go.
Some wagged tails, some looked confused.

I had my girl who waited for me.
Shadow that was the lady’s name.
She was a Pit Bull with clipped ears,
Once involved in a shameless game.

I threw her tennis balls to chase.
I always took two for this reason.
She’d bring one back but not release.
Pull one from her jaw, you gotta be teasin’!

She had her scars where wounds had healed,
But now she had learned gentleness.
Yet knowing the brutality of her past,
This hurts me much, but I must confess

How can I root for my long favored team
When what I hear makes me so sick?
The most T-shirts sold to Philadelphia kids
Have the number seven and the name of Vick.

Top photo of a Pit Bull similar to Shadow from

Alleged Michael Vick abused Pit Bull from

I'm sorry if some people don't see the injustice of the situation or think the photo on the left is just "Southern Culture" as Whoopi Goldberg defended it.  I'm sorry if certain sorry-ass-excuses-for-humankind think the photo on the left is sport and don't see the injustice done.

Would they have considered it real sport if he was stripped naked, smeared with hamburger, tossed in a pen full of Pit Bulls where they could make bet on his survival? Why not? Statistically the next step for people who abuse animals if the abuse of people. 

Here is the axiom that should have been followed: When you scrap out the pond scum from one lake, you don't take it up the road and put it in another lake.

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