Thursday, July 8, 2010

Requited Love has limits

written 2010

Pale white winter spread about
Like a dead love grown cold.
All the beauty first eyed
Was froze with ice
In a Hallmark scene grown old.

When began, this love affair,
So light and fresh and new,
We felt embraced and blessed
By nature’s kiss.
Our exhilaration grew.

But this tryst now long exposed
Is unwelcome in our arms;
Yet it remains to chill
And haunt our steps
With its long icicle charms.

Pale white winter still remains
Like a cold love long dead
Whose memory won’t melt
To let us seek
Spring’s florid breast instead.


Summer said...

stunning winter write, well done.

Mehlynn said...

I enjoyed the picture and the write just went beautifully along, well done!
happy gooseberry day!

Bar None Publishing Group said...

Well done! And music too!
Happy Holidays!
Mark Butkus

Morning said...

love it.