Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daily Commute

All roads lead to Rome…
That’s why it fell…none…
None were open to nowhere.
Just sheets and sheets
Of closed down streets.
Just orange pyramids
And barrels without rum.

And Cleopatra’s needle is a staff
Held by a flag woman
Who isn’t bare-breasted,
Doesn’t hold an asp
Or sport a flask of rum.

Just a detour on the detour.
A bypass of one lane
Where there should be four.
If the road to Hell is paved
By this state’s good intentions
We’ll be stalled forever in Purgatory
Dreaming of a dram of rum.

The commuter army is stalled
This side of the Rubicon
By barriers and yellow tape.
And in the gridlock of Delaware,
My Delaware,
Civilization has been driven ape,
Because it can not drive anywhere
Else except to distraction
In the constant obstruction
Of Road construction.

Illustration: DelDOT Photo

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