Some Explanations about "Euthamania"

Christine was the first cat. She was actually a gift from The Old Goat's oldest daughter's Godmother. The cat came from the Delaware Humane Association as a kitten. This was in 1988. His daughter was ten years old. She named the cat, giving it her middle name.

Christine was a long hair. She had a number of habits different from our other cats. When she was 12 or so she got sick. The Old Goat took her to a vet and they recommended she be put to sleep and he accepted their advice and it was done.

The Old Goat doesn't believe in reincarnation, but there was a very strange coincidence when we got Rebel. One week after Christine died,  a feral cat had kittens in our storage bin under our house. One of the kittens was a long-hair with the same coloration as Christine. She proved to have the same habits as Christine as she grew as well.

In 1981, The Old Goat's wife's father had an episode of some kind. They had to get help to break into his house and get him to the hospital. He suffered from emphysema and lesions in his brain from exposure to asbestos as a young man. He was an elderly man. On the operation table, he had a heart attack and technically died, but the doctors managed to bring him back. But he wasn't really back. he was on all those machines that do everything for you. The doctors told The Old Goat's wife she had to decide if the machines be disconnected or not. The Old Goat looked into the man's eyes and they were vacant, empty. There was no real life in that body. So his wife told them to turn off the machines and he died immediately after the plugs were pulled.

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