Bad Days at the Office: "Crack Up" and "Corporation"

"Corporation"  just stemmed from frustration on being dumped by the company where The Old Goat had worked for 21 years. There he was, after two plus decades of being the loyal employee, with a collection of perfect attendance awards, unpaid long hours and contributions to the bottom line being asked to leave. Not for cause, but because his head had turned gray in their service. They called it a reorganization. Such is life. What was gulling was seeing them keep, after booting so many long-time workers, a twenty-something who had been more of a no-show than anything else since coming into the unit. Here was someone who had been written up more than once preferred over experience.

Of course, there was the money factor. He was less costly in salary and benefits.

This person was also the source for, "Crack-Up". The person missed several months of work because his girlfriend broke up with him. He were just too distraught to concentrate and couldn't get through a day with out crying. The Old Goat is sorry, but we all go through traumas, disappointments and tragedies in life. Your girlfriend returning your ring is not the worse that happens, perhaps for a day or even a week, but not weeks. The Old Goat got the privilege of covering his duties and his responsibilities along with his own. He was kept on, The Old Goat was booted out.

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