Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In the Colors

Move the colors.
But they stop and go,
Not red or green or yellow.
No, no, they flow where colors never go.
Some darker stolen
Painted skies from haunted worlds
And go away and go away
How I wish they’d go away.

But the colors stay
And they have a weight
Because they’re not a shade;
They’re not a ghost, a specter or a sigh
Of wispy hues at all.

Move the colors, make then change,
From dark and deep and deeper gray.

Make the colors
Give me back the sky
Of golden rays and lighter blues,
But be careful there if when they lift
That reality I fear within
Doesn’t fling the shattered palette
And blind me to the outside day.

Photo by the author


Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Brilliant poetry. I loved the last two lines in particular.

Here is my entry:

Miss Kitten said...

This is a beautiful piece of free verse. The photo reminds me of a watercolor painting I did years ago, which was a wash of green and blue. I wrote a poem over it and gave it to a friend.

mairmusic said...

May your colors rain down glorious days.

Morning said...

this is real poetry, love the playful words.

fiveloaf said...

i dig this! my entry..

The Noiseless cuckooclock said...

beautiful poem..

ccchampagne said...

Inspirational to say the least. Second poem that moves me about colours this morning! Very nice!

William Leed said...

Enjoyed your entry. Nice.

ShonEjai said...

Very nice poem. It flows very nicely and gently. Are you a photographer/poet? I am starting a new challenge called A Picture Speaks. It is just for photo/poets. I do hope you'll stop by and submit an entry.

magdalenahermanstories said...

Awesome poem! Beautiful flow and the words seem to be dancing to their own music ;)

Nate said...


Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful...may the colors bring sunshine