Friday, July 9, 2010

Natural Disasters: Snowed Under

It snowed today.
It snowed yesterday.
It snowed the other day.
It snowed a lot.

Where does it all come from?
We are completely snowed under.
It’s piled high along the shed,
Here, there and asunder.

Where does it all come from?
I’m pondering back to my youth.
We had snow days aplenty,
But to ask in all truth;

Where does it all come from
This ignoble pile up of trash?
Snowed under, barrels and bags,
A terrible big stash.

Where does it all come from
These leavings of dinners and life,
Papers, plastics, empty tins?
Our wastefulness is rife.

Trash day today,
They missed now four.
It’s snowing again;
We’re buried for sure.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

I can't say that I know what you mean, Larry. It only snows here once every ten years or so, and barely covers the ground. (great song choice, by the way!)

Summer said...

fun snow reflections.

Morning said...

snow again,

do enjoy the new view.

stay safe, Happy Holidays.