Sunday, July 25, 2010


It seemed to come quietly.
Not unexpected you understand,
There is a history of such things,
A cycle, a turning of leaf.

It didn’t come in heat.
No, there’d been a bit of coolness in the land,
We were past the sweating,
Past that grief.

It just dawned one morning.
A shift of time, like hourglass sand.
A sudden breeze that drew up the eye
And then a riot of relief.

All across the horizon
A giant blazing waving rainbow band
The splattered pallet of changing leaves
Colors beyond belief

And as suddenly as they burst upon us,
With a display short and grand,
The colors were all stolen
By Jack Frost, the chilling thief.

Now in the riot aftermath
I rustle across the yard and stand
In the brown and brittle corpses I must rake
To my chagrin and grief. 

Please scroll down and turn off my music player if you choose to watch the video.

All photos by the author.


Anonymous said...

thank you, Larry. The words are so enjoyable to listen to. The create a wonderful effect of the change of seasons. I can see a riot of leaves blowing.

Laura said...

I love hearing these words in your own voice. It gives it so much more...character, maybe? And your vocals sounds so clear. Are you using a mic? Excellent.

Maureen said...

Always a pleasure to hear you read. Well done!