Sunday, October 9, 2011


Friendship, Akin-ship,
There’s been a lot of been-ship.
A lot of shipmates sailing together
Until the waves broke vessels down
And carried us through different sounds.

How many wrecks upon the shoals
Of opportunity and goals?
Once anchor-bound by a tether
Until this wave crashed, that one rose.
Ah, the different seas we chose.

Ahoy there, mate, crossing the bar,
We parted in the ports flung far;
At many harbors and much bad weather,
Washed ashore by ambition or pride,
It’s on such rocks old friendships died.

Now this old sailor home from the sea
Is grounded by age and apathy
Without a gull of matching feather.
We were too focused on our fishing trips
And missed the lighthouse to true friendships

Photo: “Crossing the Bar” by the author, 1969


Marbles in My Pocket said...

I can certainly relate to this one, Larry. I often wonder how I had so many friends in my lifetime, ad so many of them are simply in the past. Didn't help that I've been on the move my entire life. Nice write, my friend!

Andy said...

So sad that no lasting friendships were ever formed despite all the experiences at sea.

Powerful imagery, especially the ending.

Congratulations too on receiving the award for Rally Wk52!

Thanks for sharing & visiting. Much appreciated.

Woman As My friend And Lover

kez said...

brilliant poem one I personally can relate to having moved quite a lot but having a father who was a seaman and soilder loved the whole flow ...thank you so much

Morning said...

bold, cool sentiments on friendships.

Thanks for sharing.

Morning said...

bold, cool sentiments on friendships.

Thanks for sharing.