Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mirror Image


A woman passed some mirrored glass
And paused to see her image there,
The face was fair
That stared back at her.
And her hair,
Her hair was dark and luxurious.
She patted it and smiled a bit.

A woman stood ‘fore mirrored glass,
And saw an image standing there.
It was not fat,
But slim waist and sleek
Her body,
Her figure was full and curvaceous.
She turned to have a look at it.

A woman gazed in mirrored glass,
Much taken with the image there
That must be her.
Whom else would she see?
Her legs
Her limbs, oh how long and muscular
She flexed a calf and felt so fit.

But the clouds shifted in the sky
And the sun shined upon the glass
And it was only
Windowpane she saw,
No more.
The image of the woman not there
If there’d ever been one at all.

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