Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On a Trail Few Find

I suggest you scroll down and turn off my music player before viewing the video.



Tamela's Place said...

very good Larry.. so deep and profound. It reminded me of a time when my husband was telling me about an experience he had with the Lord. In his quiet time he found himself in a place feeling unworthy and so shameful of sins he had committed, it was at that point with his spiritual eye that he seen Jesus, and Jesus spoke and said: " well did you learn anything?" My husband answered and said: "yes" and then Jesus smiled and all he said was: "okay then."

Tammy :)_

Tamela's Place said...

My hubby corrected me on this vision he had..Jesus didn't just smile He laughed!

Tammy :)

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this!
thanks so much for participating.

Glynn said...

The words (matched with the photos) place the reader right ont he trail. Well done, sir.

Lorrie said...

Loved it. I am a nature fiend so I enjoyed the trail and the words to match. Lovely!