Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Some folk believe in fate and destiny
Say it caused all that was and will be
And don’t give God any slice.
It is their general sentiment
We’re all Big Bang and accident,
But the two do not jive.

If you have no God, no Divine,
Everything a freak of time
And nothing guides your life.

No God, no immortal scheme.
No earthly hope or cosmic dream
No reason to be alive.

If you wish to be an Atheist
Then you must forsake every myth
And accept a world of strife

Without reason, without rhyme.
Where human life’s not worth a dime
With no goal for which to strive.

Oh what a pathetic breed
If we are but mutant seed
Our worthlessness be rife.

I don’t know about destiny and fate
And have no proof on what I await,
But in God I will abide.

Illustration: “Hecate or The Three Fates” by William Blake

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