Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was hangin’ in back, just hangin’ about,
The gang was all formin’ out front.
Not really a Small Boy’s affair.

They hustled me out, closed it all up,
Tension was taunt, stress ruled the day,
Something was in the air.

They battled it out, the battle was brief.
Then she walked out face hard as stone
Trailing behind her a world of grief,
That would cut us to the bone.
She would not leave alone.

That spring came along and mayhem began,
This one went north another went south.
And I’m just doin’ my job.
And shuttin’ my mouth.

But it’s never the same when the good ones go off,
Things go down hill pretty fast.
Then this one is cooked and that one is fried
And the future’s not like the past.

And the days went by and the months ticked away
And all seemed hopeless and lost.
Lift high your glass and sob.
But down by the cold water, down by the crick
She was learning to draw down quick.
Then out of the sky like lightning she came
Leavin’ them limping, leaving them lame.
Revenge was the game, Payback’s her name.

Now I’m moving on out of the dust
Following her trail out of this rut,
So look for me boys at the new watering hole
Sharing in all that revenge an’ how.

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