Saturday, June 25, 2011

End of School

Back on the street
Where the boy played
Was the teacher of the man.

From a hard hand
And sharp tongue
Blood and fear was all he learned.

He had not asked
To be born here
Nor die in these alleyways.

Do not join the gangs, mama said.
Be a good pupil, mama said.
Learn you’re studies well, mama said.

If you don’t join us, you’ll be dead.

Back on the street
Where the body laid
Was the creature of the man

Growing with hate
And bitterness
In the gutters of his youth.

He died today,
Years later, still young,
End of school, all lessons done.

For the One Stop Poetry Saturday prompt, Bob Dylan.

Photo by the author, 1969


Louise said...

So sad, and this happens a lot in the cities...So much needs to change..good write.

Claudia said...

they almost have no choice and mama means it well but she can't save him from the street's pressure...reminds me a bit of elvis' song "in the ghetto"

Tamela's Place said...

truly sad but this is how life is for many.. prayer for these children is desperately needed..

Tammy :)