Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Fathers

Puffed up and powdered,
Shined up and showered,
Finally got these kids
Posed before my camera.
I couldn’t be more pleased
Except as the shutter I squeezed
 I sneezed.

Each week on Sunday the Monkey Man gives a challenge to write a poem in only 160 characters. Like writing a tweet – it takes some doing to convey thought in so few words. Come join the fun! 


Brian Miller said...

ha. gotta love it when that happens...oh well all the more memory when i look back at it...

Monkey Man said...

Must be why they are smiling. Silly man with the sneeze. Great 160 & thanks for playing.

Kavita said...

hahahhaha... I think I now know the real reason behind their smiles... they must have already know you would be sneezing!!
I sooo loved this fun 160!!
Man proposes, God (nose too) disposes! :))

Tamela's Place said...

LOL! What a cute poem :)

Tammy :)