Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter Soul Your Eclipse

It’s cold.
That is apparent from the silence.
There’s no current in an ice bound creek to make a gurgle.
Those who are fearful or perhaps they are just tired
Have left you here on your own
On this short day.

It’s dark.
That is apparent from the shadows
Of which there are none for this is deep into the movement.
The symphony of deep night takes your breath away,
Played on the sudden burst of stars
This passing day.

It creeps.
That is apparent from the crescent
Of pale illumination framing the outer edges almost delicately.
These things come and slip away with more moments from you,
Leaving behind but deception
Of longer days.

Published ”One Stop Poetry”
Pete Marshall, Brien Miller, Leslie Moon and Adam Dustus, Editors
February 2011

Published “Poets Online”
Ken Ronkowitz, Editor
Ó 2011 by L. E. Meredith

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