Monday, October 20, 2008


I am a triangular building

No longer foursquare.
When they took down that side
They removed a retaining wall.

I am an old multi-height building
With stored, up the stair,
Piled and labeled in the

Attic, all angers I recall.
If the indifferent modern builders
Place more boxes there,

The supports won’t bear the
Stress and the upper floor will fall.
Crumpled cinder blocks in weedy lots,

Rusty beams laid bare,
Unwanted property
Latest victim of the wrecking ball.

I am a triangular building,
Cracks everywhere,
Chips in my foundation

And suspicions dust my hall.

Photo from the City of Bellington, Washington

I suggest you scroll down and turn off my music player before watching the video.

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