Thursday, October 16, 2008


Christine was the only pet I ever put down.
All my other pets just died.
ing seemed the natural order of things.

I don’t want a kindhearted killing of my life
I’ve said too often I want to
Kill me! But I remained to better things

I think it much worse when they snatch from death a dead life.

Yet I killed a man once; the father of my wife.
The doctor’s brought him to life.
Back from the heart attack to his other things.

Harry was an old man with lesions in his brain
And asbestos in his lungs,
Keep alive by tubes and wires
And black beeping boxes,
But with empty eyes.

Of this haughty decision of little moral courage, doc-

tors scrub their souls clean and suffer you to pull the
Plug after thwarting sincere death.
Is just the natural order of things.

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