Friday, October 31, 2008

Songs of Brotherhood

A Ballade

On a seventeen seventy-six night
Paul Revere saddled his horse and did ride
To warn his mates of coming British might
This was at great risk to career and hide
Still he showed courage as the warning he cried.
He offered up his life and all he could
But not gentry born, he was pushed aside.
Another rousing song of brotherhood.

Sing one more uplifting spirited song,
Back it with drums and the waving of flags,
Then get a rope and tie knots tight and strong.
Start the truck and see if it holds and drags
The dark man into pieces, bits and rags.
And just so we are not misunderstood,
Let us go beat and brutalize some fags.
Another rousing song of brotherhood.

Are you my brothers sitting here tonight
Sharing the poet muse’s mysteries?
We’re different in more than weight and height;
In sex, skin and family histories.
Don’t you think all of our varieties
Are why through time it’s the artists who stood
Against the prejudice of tyrannies?
Another rousing song of brotherhood.

Some would use brotherhood as excuse to fight
The rainbow for the storm cloud if they could.
To dim the blend of color that creates light.
Another rousing song of brotherhood.

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