Friday, October 3, 2008

On the Road of Myself

Do you know whom I saw today?
Myself down an ancient country road,
A twelve year old looking around a curve.
I didn’t know whether to lead or follow,
For I knew the road all too well.
I knew each loose and tripping stone,
Every broken jarring pothole,
Every rut and hill to its destination.

I could show where the mudslides were,
Where the high grass hid the carnivores.
I knew the distances from day to night,
The long lasting stretches of exposure,
The asylum of sheltered sites,
Waterholes of sanctuary
Where gathered each fellow journeyman
On this over-traveled road to desperation.

I met myself when I was young
And decided that I would follow
The boy I was once, not the man he is.          
I promise not to cry out directions
When he takes a different turn
I’ll be silent at each mistake
And embrace the unknown path taken
And look ahead in joyful anticipation.

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