Friday, October 24, 2008



We went to the Art Gallery
To the exhibit:   “American Realism”.

Four                                    walls                                    of                                     recognition
Seascapes,                        landscapes,                         still life                         and nude.

We were early to the pursuit
And entered with a crowd of anxious lovers
To view in admiration
Seascapes,               landscapes,   still life                             and nude.

All eyes went every where.

Far wall            and centered             one lone nude
Finely detailed as a colored photograph

     A woman of distinction

Watched us view seascapes,                                                not the nude.

All eyes were over there.

We moved, crowded clumsy clusters
Along washes and waves of watercolor,
So full of inspiration.
Seascapes, landscapes, still life,                                                             the nude.
All eyes were over there.
Absorbing all and every detail

Of bird and boat and bolt of lightening flash.
Absorbed, in anticipation,
Seascapes, landscapes, still life,                                                             the nude.

With arms down,            breasts disrobed            and legs audacious
She sat posed in dedication
Beyond landscapes, still life,                                                            the nude.
All eyes were over there

The sea behind; the land before.

Glancing,             we gazed at candied fruit,
Candlesticks, chrysanthemums, and glazed glass.
It gripped our admiration;
Seascapes, Landscapes, Still Life

                                                            And Nude.
Our eyes were cautious here. So much to see, so little time. We cannot linger if we were to see more. Quick through the door to                        

     To study in safety the nude.

Our eyes were back in there.

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