Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love Pat

Incidence During a Chicago Bulls Basketball Game
 Written in 1997

When the cameraman met Rodman,
He got kicked in his rod, man!
Now we find that cam’man
May with a lawsuit slam, man.
If you’re rich and kick a groin, man,
You may find your money going, man.
Keep your mind on basketballs, man,
And not those of fans and all, man.

During a Chicago Bulls game in 1997, a TV cameraman got in Dennis Rodman's face in the end zone. The cameraman was just doing his job covering the play, but Rodman took some umbrage at the man being there and kicked the gentleman where no gentleman wishes to be kicked. This got more press than the game and there was a threatened lawsuit. I don't remember if this was ever brought or the final upshot, if I may use that term, of the whole below the belt behavior.

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