Thursday, May 6, 2010

Death and Taxes I'm Not So Sure

The only things certain, so they say,
Are Death and Taxes. I’m not so sure.
Hebrews says it is once appointed
For each man to die, then judgment.
But there are too many exceptions made
To call this a set and absolute law.

Enoch walked with God and he was taken,
Not in throes of death, but quite alive.
Elijah sometimes feared he would die,
But he rode to God in a whirlwind.
And some who died got a second chance,
Hey, Lazarus come out from your tomb!

Taxes seem much more a certainty.
Why, even God exacts his own tax,
As Moses commanded in the tithe.
But it a mere meager ten percent.
God’s far less greedy than government.
But every man taxed? I’m not sure at all.

Some people believe in a Big Bang.
Others believe in creationism.
But either must be taken in faith,
For something out of nothing we know
Is total impossibility.
The one certain is uncertainty,
That is the elephant in the room.

The Illustration is "Elijah Rides to God on a Whirlwind" by Gustave Dore

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