Sunday, May 16, 2010

Death Comes for My Great Great Grandmother

Susan Russell Bruner
Died December 3, 1867
Based on her obituary

Seldom our lot so unwilling
To part our friend.

The fell destroyer lain his cold hand upon her,
Claimed her as his own.

A few days ago we saw her in bloom,
In the activity of life,
In the centre of the circle,
Radiating joy and happiness

Now cold in the embrace of death.

But to her the grave no terror.

She stood upon the confines of eternity,
(Beautiful angels to bear her away)
Anxious to quit this world of fleeting joys
And dwell forever with her Lord.

In Early life the necessity of heart change,
An interest in merits of atonement,
Account of distance,
A greater field of usefulness,
A doubled consecration to Christ
And to His cause.

But her warfare destined to be short
In the midst of her labors,
Before that objective accomplished.

The subject of so many prayers.
With hope Guardian Angels
Watch over her motherless children,
She closed her eyes to death.

She lived a life of faith,
Prayer and her Bible her daily companion.

Look upon its well-worn pages,
The deeply impressed love of God’s truth,
A lamp shining continually on her way
And never did her feet stray
From its blessed path of light.

Kindness and hospitality,
Unwearied diligence
As head of family,
Unselfish devotion,
A character of unusual generosity,
Self-denial and self-sacrifice.

Not in herself was her trust,
In Jesus alone it was placed.
Clothed with His righteousness,
Saved by His grace.
She rests in peace.

Her record is on high and
She entered her mansion in the skies,
A saint of light.

And if an inheritance choose I might
To carry in my genes, I’d just sooner
Have it be the spirit of
Susan Russell Bruner.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Awesome tribute, Larry. Mighty fine write!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Epic poem and a loving tribute. Great stuff.

Here is my entry

Jo Bryant said...

Lovely tribute - she sounds amazing

Anonymous said...

she would be very happy with an ode like this.. nice write! my potluck..

Shashi said...

A wonderful tribute... I loved the simplicity and the emotions that it has in each and every line...

Specially i loved these...
"Her record is on high and
She entered her mansion in the skies,
A saint of light"

Perfect... Thanks for sharing..

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