Friday, May 21, 2010

Squeezed Oranges

Rhyming Orange
Diane Stirling-Stevens

Orange for my foot-man; you lazy old pup
Orange for my carrier to pick me up
Orange is not a word that can rhyme
Unless you orange for the Queen - with her accent - it's time
To orange for Linda (no word can I find)
A rhyme for Linda - but no poet shall bind
Me to such lingo - such restriction can I 'foller'
When I decide on what is proper; and what I'll allow her!

Linda - that lady - how she does inspire
Linda - that woman - in no single day does she tire
Linda - the inspiration to all who live
Linda - she does all; she is all that can give

Linda - the inspiration; late at night ... ever active
Linda - the lady - not only productive, but reactive
Linda - my precious - how you do labor...
Linda - my goodness, I do wish you were my neighbor!

I wrote this for LINDA HUBER - IMAGINEE - she is just about the most terrific sketch artist I've ever seen!

When Diane Claimed She Rhymed Orange
Larry Eugene Meredith

Ah, how Ogden Nashian
To rearrange the pronunciationian
Of orange to O-Range.
How perplexian and strange
Is this PUNishment to our language.

But technically this change,
Did not even rhyme O-range.
You used it as polypunlingo,
But never end line rhyme though

Excuse my poetic hubris,
By the same disarrangement
Of rules then, its no sin ta
Force a rhyme with Linda.
May Ms Huber excuse us
For our derangement...

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