Saturday, May 29, 2010


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Tune in to the din.
There is no shadow
In the dim of the rush
In the hush,
Of the rain.

Is the gloom of sin
In a cowl of cloud.
We wallow in the splash,
In the lash
Of the rain.

Drips of spirit had gurgled down some drain,
Or slid in slow droplets from the window
Of my eyes to puddle upon my hands,
Writhing together in an empty pain
Like the weeping limbs of some willow
Who in summer-flooded fields sways, but stands.

Within this twilight in the middle day
Of later life, I hear the patter and ping,
The roar and crash and splatter. I listen
To the rain in its musings and its fury,
To its whisper, its shout and each tingling
Change of mood, then I catch the puddles glisten

There is no thrashing.
Only bright silence
And the breaking quiet scream
Of the beam
Of the sun.

Comes the refreshing
Salvation of soul
That says today I don’t die.
In the sky
Shines a sun.


Lorrie said...

Like this a lot - moody, broody and then alive at the end!!

Anonymous said...

your presentation is very creative!
i sat watching the pictures and listening.
the word scream really did break through the other words.