Saturday, May 29, 2010

When I was Young I Played with trains

Over the border where only woods once were
Are the gray lands on a once country road
Developments landscaped and carefully planned
With rocks and ruts, rills and artificial streams
Upturned dug out stones transformed to fortress walls
Gazebo porches laced with gingerbread trim
And mailbox crosses like the fields of Flanders

When I was young I played with trains,
Lionel and American Flyer
And quite often I would go to the five and dime
And spend my allowance on another kit that snapped together,
And then, I too, lived in Plasticville.

Please scroll down and turn off my music player if you choose to watch the video.


Lisa notes... said...

My, how times have changed. I used to think I lived out in the country, but now it's one subdivision after another. With a Walmart and a Target both being built within 4 miles of my house... Trying to roll with it though, but it's not always easy.

Anonymous said...

yep, we all live in plasticville.
and someday there will be a train of freedom taking us on home.

A Joyful Noise said...

In our age of innocence we played with dolls and also toy trains, for we loved those that ran along the tracks we set up in our front room. We could not afford all the villages and extra that could be purchased, but just the trains were mesmerizing. Then we progressed and discovered that innocence was lost when Adam and Eve sinned, but Jesus came to restore us and give us everlasting life. How those trains cause us to think that He will come one of these days, not on a train, but in the clouds to receive all those who have accepted him as their savior. Thank you for this nostalgia post!